"Creating fine art portraiture, one smile at a time"

The main goal of a senior spokes model is to increase the awareness of
our portrait studio in their high school, and to refer their friends to us that
are interested in having awesome senior portraits.

Our spokes models will get a huge discount on their spokes model
portrait package, and complimentary portrait sessions through out their
senior year to keep the pictures updated and fresh.

In exchange for referrals our spokes models will get gift cards to their
favorite stores as rewards for each successful referral!

$210 plus tax - save over $300 off regular pricing
  • 1 hour studio Spokes Model Session
  • A LEATHER Portfolio Book with 10 of your favorite pictures
  • Medium Resolution Digital Files of those 10 pictures
  • A Custom FB Timeline Cover
  • 40 Referral Wallets
  • 50% discount on luxe wallets within 30 days of the portrait session
  • 50% discount on paper wall portaits within 30 days of the portrait session


Earn rewards by referring your friends and classmates that are looking for an awesome and fun senior portrait session outside of the school.

Choose between:
  • $25 gift cards to your favorite store *Gap, American Eagle, iTunes, BestBuy, etc*
  • $50 studio credit
  • There is a bonus $100 in gift cards or studio credit for every 5th successful referral


There is a contract involved, and it states that during the duration of the contract:
  • What the spokes model portrait package consists of - see above
  • That you can only represent and promote Gerald Fagan Photography and no other studios
  • What complimentary portrait sessions that you will get through out your senior year
  • What discounts you get as a spokesmodel
  • The conditions of a portrait session and picture viewing
  • What a successful referral is
  • Your facebook profile and timeline images will be pictures from your sessions


If you do not hear from me in 48 hours,
please email me at Gerald@GeraldFaganPhotography.com
All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2000 - 2015 Gerald Fagan